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This blog is an independent voice advocating for a better and more effective kind of fundraising. All opinions are my own or those of guest posters. If you find anything here obnoxious or wrong, please say so in the comments; polite argumentation is good for everyone! If what you find here makes sense to you and you’d like to see it put to work for your organization with passion and precision, get in touch at jeff [at] jeff-brooks [dot] com. Maybe we can work together!


Comments are welcome and appreciated. I don’t moderate them, but I do remove spam and off-topic comments. I would also remove personal attacks or other types of incivility, though this has never yet happened – I hope we can keep it that way. If you’re found to be “astroturfing” (pretending you’re someone else in order to praise your product or organization) you’ll be banned for life. (This has happened.)

Pitching me

Most pitches to this blog won’t work. That’s because most of them are irrelevant to this part of the conversation. I’m happy to have you send me ideas, though.

Things likely to interest me

  • Cool new ways people are fundraising.
  • Innovative approaches to fundraising, especially those that empower donors.
  • Examples of shockingly bad fundraising and particularly stupid nonprofit ads. (We like laughing at stuff here.)
  • Books about fundraising (but contact me before sending me a book).

Things I’m not likely to blog about, but it might be worth trying

  • New products or services for nonprofits. I’d more likely be interested if the product or service is truly innovative and donor-powered.
  • New blogs. I’ll have to be blown away by a new blog to announce its existence, and I’d have to find it useful and interesting for a long time before adding it to my blogroll. But please tell me about your new blog. I’ll subscribe, and I’ll read. If the contents capture my attention, you’ll get mentioned and linked.

Things I’m not going to blog about, so don’t bother (seriously: don’t)

  • Almost anything about nonprofit management that don’t touch on fundraising or marketing. I know this is important, but I’m not talking about it here.
  • Industry news (personnel changes, agency changes, job listings, etc.). There are other blogs that ably cover those areas.
  • Press releases about business services that have nothing to do with fundraising. (This is the largest category of irrelevant pitches I get.)

How to give me an idea

Send me an email: jeff [at] jeff-brooks [dot] com

Tell me what’s on your mind, and help me see how it fits into the conversation about donor-powered fundraising.

You can send a press release, but here’s some advice: A press release makes you look like a publicity-starved, irrelevant dork. Just email me; that’s much more interesting.

Give me something to link to. (You know things don’t really exist unless they’re on the web.)

What this blog is about

The future of fundraising is not about social media, online video, or SEM. It’s not about any technology, medium, or technique. It’s about donors. If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them. And the future? It’s already here. More.

Blog policies


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Jeff BrooksJeff Brooks has been serving the nonprofit community for more than 35 years and blogging about it since 2005. He considers fundraising the most noble of pursuits and hopes you’ll join him in that opinion. You can reach him at jeff [at] jeff-brooks [dot] com. More.




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